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Christianity: Apostasy +


Companion website: "Separation of Church and State Law Blog" (left click to go directly to blog) - this website has many articles and audio teachings concerning the issue of separation of church and state.

Once churches begin to compromise--for example, by incorporating (corporation sole or aggregate), getting 501(c)(3) tax exemption, etc.--a downhill slide has begun for those compromising churches. As pointed out in Section VI of God Betrayed, after the United States Constitution was ratified, churches (even many of those churches which had fought long and hard in the spiritual battle in the colonies for religious freedom) began to run down to get incorporated. That compromise in their love for the Lord Jesus Christ began a slow downhill slide (See God Betrayed, Section II for more insights on heresy and apostasy in American churches).

In this section, I will be posting articles on the apostasy in American churches. Simply click the links below to read the listed articles. Perhaps your church is not yet apostate, but are you somewhere along the path to apostasy? Have you denied your Lord by becoming a state church through non-profit incorporation, 501(c)(3) or by becoming a legal entity and state church in some other way such as corporation sole or unincorporated association? Have you violated, by your beliefs, preaching, and/or actions principles in the Word of God either ignorantly, or purposely; and have you justified your actions based upon pragmatic and/or other arguments. Have you acted with unholy motives such as fear, covetousness, greed, power, pride, etc.? If so, you are on the road to apostasy.

God is a God of mercy and grace. Even when Israel decided they no longer wanted to operate as a theocracy under God and insisted upon a king (See I Samuel 8), God granted their wishes after warning them of the consequences. Even though they grieved Him, God told Israel that He  would bless the nation if they would keep His commandments and statutes. Israel was now operating under God's permissive, as opposed to His perfect, will. Even though Israel had committed a wicked act, God promised that He would still bless thim if they loved Him and followed His commandments and statutes (See I Samunel 12). The story of the road to and arrival at total apostasy in Israel followed as recorded in the Old Testament. When Israel, and then Judah and Israel after the split, had a good king (Judah has eight good kings and Israel none after the split) that nation was blessed by God. When either had a bad king, bad consequences as foretold by God, followed. Inevitably, Israel became totally apostate and the only remedy was judgment.

The same principles apply to the apostasy in the church. Much is said about apostasy and the coming apostasy of the church in the New Testament. All these issues are covered in some detail in God Betrayed.

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Homosexuality: A Biblical Overview (032813)

Radical Legislation In Massachusetts Allows Young to Choose Whether They Are Boys Or Girls (031013)

Sex Symbols Who Speak in Tongues (021713)
Looking Ahead To 2013: What Should The Church Expect? (121812). Article looks at business organizations and applies them to the church, a grave mistake.
World's Worst Countries For Christian Persecution (010813)
Dangerous New Trend In Church Worship - Mercenary Musicians (021113)

Top Ten Reasons Our Kids Leave Church (020813)

7 Startling Facts: An Up Close Look At Church Attendance In America (02_13)

On A Mission To Save Godless Massachusetts (081813)
MSNBC Host - Only Phony Christians Oppose Obamacare (082013)

Time Magazine Promotes Childless Lifestyle As The Path To The Good Life For U.S. Couples (080513)
A Middle East Without Christians (081313)

Legislating The Church Underground - Church Of England To Be Sued For Refusing To Perform Same-Sex Marriages (080213)
Army Chaplin Assistant Threatened With Reduction IN Pay And Rank Over Facebook Post Calling Homosexuality A Sin (080613)
The Coming Collapse Of The Presbyterian Church USA (072413)

Why Is A Major Church Denomination Banning Famed Hymn "In Christ Alone" From Its New Song Book (063013)
What The Faith Of Our Teenagers Is Telling The American Church (040912)

Why Did Facebook Block Kirk Cameron's New Movie? (071813)
San Antonio Looks To Bar Bible Believing Christians From City Government, Business Or Employment (07_13)
Study: World Is Turning More Religious; Atheism Declining (072013)
2.6 Billion Of World Population Expected To Be Christian By 2020 (071913)
Disciples Of Christ Votes To Affirm Homosexuality and Transgenderism (071913)

Airman Punished For Objecting To Gay Marriage In Military Chapel (071113)
Controversial New Religion Embraces All Religions (071513)
Vatican Offers 'Time Off' Purgatory To Followers Of Pope Francis Tweets (071613)

The First Of Many To Come? Evangelist Arrested For Calling Homosexuality A Sin (071213)
BBC Says Christians Who Oppose Gay Marriage Are 'Damaging The Church' (070813)
78,000  Latinos Accept Jesus Through BGEA Website Targeted All Hispanics (070513)
The State Of Vacation Bible School (070913)
Bible App Hits 100 Million Downloads - Innovative Pastor Hopes It Surpasses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In Popularity (070913)
'Evolution vs. God' Movie So Popular It Crashes Evangelical Leaders' Website: It's Going To Take Down Evolution (071013)
Major Papers Reject Pro-Life Ad - Image Of Baby 'Too Controversial' (070813)
Christian Group Petitions Oxygen Media To Cancel 'Preachers of LA' (070913)

Polygamists See Gay Marriage Ruling Opening Door To Multiple Marriages (062713)
Covert Agenda: US Didn't Become Pro-Gay Overnight (070213)
Graphic Version Of The Entire Bible To Be Published (062813)
California Lawmakers Pass Transgender Bill Allowing K-12 Students Choice Of Bathroom, Sports Team (070413)
Archaeologists Believe They May Have Found Where The Tabernacle Housing The Ark Of The Covenant Once Stood (070313)
Banning Homeschools Teaches Tolerance Of Diverse Views, Justice Dept. Argues (070713)
Learning From Young Atheists: What Turned Them Off Christianity (070713)
Church Of England To Blend Christianity With Paganism To Attract Spiritualists (06_13)

Girl Scouts Of Britain Replace 'God' With 'Myself' In Oath (062013)
When Films Make Fun Of Faith: An Answer To 'This Is The End' (061713)
Biblical History Comes Alive With New Augmented Reality App Architip (062613)
Secret Believers Share Faith Under Fire (062613)

Christians Face Being Driven From The Middle East (060913)
God's Golfers (060313)
Removing Church Pews For Muslim Prayer Mats In The Name of Religious Tolerance (061313)
Superman: Flying To A Church Near You (061413)
Does The Bible Predict God's End-Times Destruction Of Syria? (061713)

Explosive Growth In Homeschooling Movement (060813)
The Books Americans Are Reading And What That Reveals About Us (060413)
Left Behind Reboot Hopes To Reach Millions With End Time Theology (061213)

Rewriting History - Evangelicals Present The Palestinian Jesus (061013)
Apple Removes Another Christian App For Promoting Biblical Truth (060113)
Bible's Strong Comeback Surprises Secular Norway (060613)
The World Council Of Churches Attacks Israel and Christian Zionism (060513)

Poll: Many Protestant Pastors Lean Toward Young Earth Creation (051313)
Court Rules Against German Homeschool Family Seeking Asylum (051513)
'Pastors of LA' Reality Show Gets Green Light From Oxygen Media (051313)
Science Proves Premarital Sex Rewires The Brain (051113)
Robert Downey Jr. Ironman Causes Stir With Reference To Bible Prophecy Teacher Church Missler (052013)
Gay Marriage Could Stop Christians Becoming Teachers Or Doctors (051913)
Majority Now Say Gay Relations, Unwed Births, Are Morally OK (052113)
Research: Many Churchgoers Not Open About Their Faith (052213)
Jay Baker's Rainbow Bread 'Communes' (051513)

In The War Over Christianity, Orthodoxy Is Winning (042913)
Polygamy, The Next Marriage Battle (050113)
Bible Belief Down, Despite Hit History Channel Miniseries (050413)
Church Of Scotland: 'Jews Shouldn't Take God's Promise To Abraham Literally' (050313)
"Blessed Are The Poor"-But Only The Rich Can Afford Seminary (042613)
California Bill Would Allow Students To Use Bathroom 'Consistent With His Or Her Gender Identity' (043013)
Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith (050113)

"The Shack" Controversy To Heat Up As Major Motion Picture Planned (04_12)
The Victoria's Secret Angel Who Gave Up Modeling For God (042413)
"By This Time You Ought To Be Teachers": A Critique Of Adult Sunday School (032412)
Should Pastors, Parents Encourage Christians To Marry Young? (041313)
The Fig Tree Has Budded - Evidence The Lord May Return This Generation (12/2010)
Teacher Fired For Bible : New Jersey Teacher Fired For Giving Bible To Inquisitive Student (041213)
Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For One World Religion? (041413)

Percent Of Americans Believing In The Resurrection Drops To 64% From 77% (040113)
Abortionists Shock Legislators With Right To Kill Outside The Womb (040113)
Are the Polyamorists Next In Line For Marriage Equality? (032613)
Hollywood Now Seeks Reincarnated Kid (040313)
Lesbian Mother, Mother Of God! (040313)
UK Gives Go-Ahead For "Three Parent" Genetically Altered Embryos (032713)
Possible Muslim Approval Of Third Temple Construction (031913)
Creationist Stakes $10,000 On Contest Between Bible And Evolution (032513)
Only 57 Churches Left In Iraq: From 300 in 2003 (032313)

Pope Francis - History's Final Pontiff (031313)

Virginia's Liberty Trnasforms Into Evangelical Mega-University (030413)

The End Of Mainline Churches - A Lesson From Evangelicals (030113)

Fox News Accuses NBC Of 'Declaring War' On Christians (022013)

The Parable Of The Fig Tree - Is Ours The Last Generation (012913)

Signs Of The End - An Increase In Knowledge (020813)


China's Christians See Mounting Persecution In Country's Effort To Disband Churches (022113)

Death For Preaching Christ In Liberated Libya (022213)

Final Pope Already Running Vatical (021213)

Will A Notorious Anti-Semite Become The Pope (021913)

Libya Arrests Four Suspected Christian Missionaries (022413)

Will The Image Of The Beast Be A Hologram? (021313)

The Catholic Church Will Take These Secretive And Intricate Steps To Choose A New Pope (021113)
The iChurch Cometh: Bible Reading Goes Digital (020413)
My Sunday At An Atheistic Church (020813)
Pope Benedict Resigns - Peter The Roman Next (02_13)

Cultural Pandering No Boon For Shiveling United Church Of Christ (020313)
The Sad Transformation Of the Boy Scouts Of America (012913)
Christians Win And Lose European Religious Cases (0131113)
Most Americans Consider Pro Athletes More Influential Than Faith Leaders (020413)
Texas Church May Become the First Congregation In State To Perform Same-Sex Rites (021713)

UK Government Sources: Teachers May Face Firing For Refusing To Teach Gay Marriage (012513)
Researchers Rank Most, Least Megachurch-Oriented Cities In U. S. (012613)
Pastor Saeed Sentenced To 8 Years In Iran's Brutal Evin Prison (012813)
Why Mormons do Better Youth Ministry Than We Do (012613)
Noah, Moses And Many Among Biblical Figures Headed To The Big Screen (013113)
Massive Numbers Of U. S. Cities Abandon Bible (01_13)
Persecution Of Christians In 10/40 Window Up By 400 Percent (110112)
'Ben Hur' Remake To Focus More On Story Of Christ (011813)
Canada's First Christian Law School Already Under Fire For Biblical View On Homosexuality (012213)
United Methodist Church Agencies Celebrate Roe Vs Wade (012513)
Anti-Israel Zealots Urge Episcopal Church To More Agressive Stance Toward Israel (012513)
The 10 Most Bible Minded Cities In America (012513)
Pastor Saeed Abedini Set For 'Sham' Trial (011513)
The Long Christian Winter (010213)

Christian Persecution Around The World Ignored By Mainstream Media (102912).

Media Whoredom Has Hit The Church With New Reality Show About Pastors Wives (010212)
'Jesus Generation': See Why 60,000+ Students & Pastors Are Gathering in Atlanta This Week (010212)
Ten Most Popular Bible Verses Of 2012 Announced (010212)
Top Christian News Stories Of 2012 (123112)
7 Reasons America Has Not Been Reached For Christ (No date on article)
Is It True That Jesus Never Addressed Homosexuality? (102612).

Christianity 'Close To Extinction' In Middle East (123012).

Persecution Of Christians In 10/40 Window Up  By 400 Percent, Says GFA (111112).

Bible Stories Come To Life On History Channel (121612).

Unbelief Now The World's Third Largest 'Religion' (121912).

Fathers Disappear From Households Across America (122512).

Nepal: Christians 'On Top Of The World' Facing Prosecution (121712).

Teacher Faces Suspension For Sharing Bible Verse (121312).

Church Billboard Promotes Gay Baby Jesus (121712).

Titanic Discoverer Finds Evidence Of Biblical Flood (121212).

Are Christians An Endangered Species In Their Ancestral Land? (121212).

'Queen James Bible': Now There's A Gay-Friendly Version Of Scripture (121312).

California Church To Become Site Of Islamist Convention (113012).

Christian College Students Executed By Boko Haram In Nigeria (100312).

Dinasaurs Center Of Christian Debate Over Age Of The Earth (