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Israel - The key to past, present, and future


Understanding Biblical teaching concerning Israel is the key to understanding  past, present, and future history. This page was started on September 16, 2012. Just click the link to go to the article.

Companion website: "Separation of Church and State Law Blog" (left click to go directly to blog) - this website has many articles and audio teachings concerning the issue of separation of church and state.

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US, Israeli Officials Close To Agreeing On Timeline For Action On Islam (090113)
Assad May Hit Back At Israel For US Strike, Trusting Obama To Be Israel's Hands Against Major Reprisal (082713)
UN Envoy Hints Failure To Strike Peace Deal Would Spell End For PA (082513)

Israel Stays Clear Of Egyptian Crisis, Fearing Russian Military's Return To A Second Border After Syria (082013)
Terrorists 'Aim To Hit Israeli, Jewish Targets Worldwide' In Coming Weeks (081913)

Israel's Armed Forces Shifting Emphasis From Mechanized Warfare Toward Air And Cyber Power (081013)
US-Sponsored Israel-Palestinian Interim Peace Talks Near Moment Of Decision (080913)
'Camp Jihad': U.N.-Sponsored Camps Encourage Palestinian Kids To Destroy Israel (081413)
Why The Mideast Peace Talks Will Not Work (08_13)
Rumors Of 10 Year Peace Accord - Will It Be Reduced To A Prophetically Significant 7? (081413)

State Funding For Temple Institute To Build Third Temple Stirs Controversy In Israel (08113)
Israel Fears Next War With Hezbollah Will Hit Civilians Harder (080813)
Israel's Security Paradox: Never Safer And Never More Uncertain (08__13)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Netanyahu: Iran 'Weeks Away' From Crossing Red Line (071413)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Was Israel's Latest Air Attack On Syria From A Submarine? (072013)

Poll Results: Majority Of Israelis Would Back A Peace Deal (072413)
Israel's Premier Fast-Tracking Bill Allowing For Referendum On Peace Deal With Palestinians (072213)
Will Failure Of Peace Talks Lead To War Of Psalm 83? (072413)
Palestinian Minister - Peace Deal Would Be Temporary Arrangement Before Conquering Israel (072413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Pentagon: Iran Will Soon Have Nuclear Missles Capable Of Striking US (071313)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia Holds Biggest War Games In Decades (071613)

Archaeologist: Discovery Of Historic Israeli Jar Fragment Confirms Bible's Reliability (071213)
One Third Of Israeli Jews Want Temple Rebuilt In Jerusalem, Poll Finds (071213)
Obama Uses EU To Confront Israel With Tough Interlinked Choices: Borders Or Nuclear-Armed Iran (071713)
Has The End Game Begun? Senior Israeli Officials Now Warning Iran War Could Come in 2012 (071513)

Is Netanyahu Turning Left? (070513)
Will Hamas Be The Next To Fall? (070813)
Will This Be The First Time The World Sees the Ark Of The Covenant? Leaking Roof In Ethiopian Chapel 'Will Lead To Relic Being Revealed' (120511)
Israeli Minister - We Should Rebuild Jerusalem Temple (070713)
'Arab Spring' Prompts Israeli Christians To Break From Muslim Political Parties and Form New Movement (071013)

Almost Half Israeli Arabs Believe Palestine Will Eventually Replace Israel (072513)
Preparing For the Third Temple (06_13)
Demography Doesn't Threaten Jewish State (062613)
Tisha B'Av And The Coming Temple (070213)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Surprise - New Iranian Leader Thanks The Mahdi For Victory (06_13)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: High War Alert In Israel As Russia Evacuates Military, Diplomatic Personnel From Syria (062613)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: New Iranian Leader No Moderate (061713)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia Responds To Western Intervention By Sending Warships To Syria (062113)

Joint US-Israeli Contingency Plan: 18 Chemical Targets In Syria (061513)
Syria Forces Training To Storm Israel's Border (062313)
Training The Next Generation Of Terrorists At Haman Summer Camp For Kids (061813) 
Rise Of New Iran President Delays Israel's Military Option By At Least Another Year (061813)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran's Apocalyptic Policy Makers (061013)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: What's Going On In Turkey And How Does It Figure Into Prophecy? (060713)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran Eyes 30 Nuclear Bombs A Year - Approaching Israel Red Line (061013)

Obama's UN Nominee Advocated Invasion Of Israel (060513)
Israel/Syria Closer to Direct Conflict Than At Any Time During Past 40 Years (060913)
Kerry's Plan: Core Issues, Then Gestures, And Finally Jerusalem (061213)
Five Things To Know About Syria And Russia's S-300 Missle System (061613)
Moses Finally Vindicated By Israeli Oil (060413)

The US or Israel--Who Should Strike Iran? (052913)
Gas Discoveries Give Israel New Regional Clout (052213)
Hezbollah To Open 'New Front' In Golan Heights (051513)
Will Israel Destroy Russian Missles? (051813)
Muddled Israeli-US Policies On Assad Set Stage For Golan Offensive Against Israel (051813)

Plans Developing For A Final Palestinian/Arab/Israel Treaty In 2014 (050113)
IDF On War Alert As Iran-Syrian-Hizbollah War Of Attrition Threatened (050613)
Arab Peace Initiative, Take 2: Major Development Or 'Scam?' (051213)
Don't Arm Rebels Before Vetting Them, Israel Urges U.S. (051213)
Analysis: Israeli Credibility On Line Over Iran Nuclear Challenge (042813)
Israel Fears End To 40-Year Peace on Syrian Front (042613)

Israel Seeks Turkish Airbase To Enable Iran Strike (042113)
Tehran And Assad Slide Past US And Israeli Red Lines - Nuclear And Chemical (042313)
Israel At 65: Population Tops 8 Million (041913)
The Jews In Prophecy - Have They Been Cast Aside Or Are They Destined For Glory (041913)

Israel Surplants US As World's Largest Jewish Population Center Passing Symbolic 6 Million Figure
Netanyahu Hails 'Historic Day' As Israel Starts Pumping Gas From Major Offshore Find (033013)
Temple Groups Practice Passover Sacrifice In Anticipation Of Third Temple (032213)
The Unmentioned Facts Behind Turkey's Turn Toward Israel (041413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Cold Warrior Putin Calls For Russian Military Upgrades As U.S. Troop Cuts Loom (022713)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran Orders Terrorists: Prepare For War (030513)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia Conducts Largest Nuclear Exercise In 20 Years (030513)

Palestinians Double Standards Exposed Again (030513)

Lessons From Hitler: What If They Mean What They Say? (030513)

5 Ways The Collapse Of Syria Might Be More Dangerous Than Most People Realize (030813)

Israel Prepares For Next War With Hezbollah (031413)

Obama Expected To Push For Palestinian State At Upcoming Israel Visit (021113)

Palestinians To Hagel Report: "We Don't Need U.S. Troops Herd" (030113)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: A Hook In The Jaw? Army Chief Warns Russia May Be Drawn Into Rescue Wars In Future (021413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Generals Opting Out As Turkish Military Seen 'Turning From Secular To Islamist' (021413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran's 'Plan B' For Nuclear Bomb (030313)

Hamas Warns Obama Against Temple Mount Visit (022813)

The Coming War In The Middle East (020613)

Netanyahu Bible Study Provides Modern Lessons From Israel's Past (010613)
'Lost Tribe's' Return To Israel Fulfilling Prophecy? (010613)
Report Declares Thriving Israeli Christian Population (123012)
Israel Operating In Syria, US Preparing To Join (122812)

What's The Big Deal About Israel? (110312)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Turkey Trading Europe For the Shanghai Five (020613)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: This Is Our NATO Ally? Turkey Slams Syria For Not Responding To Israel Attack (020213)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Ahmadinejad Lands In Cairo 4-6 Months Before Iran Reaches Nuclear Capacity (021713)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran's Nuclear Standoff Reaching Tipping Point (020413)
Obama Is Coming To Tell Netanyahu Not To Strike Iran (021013)
Understanding The Threat To Israel's Biblical Heartland (021213)
Will The Al-Queda Affiliates Ousting Assad Turn To Israel Next? (021013)
The West's Shameful Demonization Of Israel (020413)
Muslim Holy Site Magically Transformed Into King Solomon's Temple In Jerusalem Tourist Ad (020213)
Will Israel Become The Wealthiest Nation In The Middleast? (020613)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia Building Toward Military Dominance (011613)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: New Details Emerge On Iran Nuclear Explosion (01_13)
Israel Warns Of Possible Pre-Emptive Chemical Weapons Strike In Syria (012713)
Israel Hits SA-17 Missle Shipment Inside Syria Bound For Hezbollah (013013)
Why Israel Will Rule The New Middle East (013113)
Christian Zionists Separated Fight Against Hagel (013113)
Why Israel Might Have Felt The Imperative To Strike In Syria (013112)
Hamas Trained A New Generation For Terror Against Israel (012413)
Israel's Elections: What Just Happened? (012313)
The Palestinian Authorities Inconvenient Truths (010313)
Obama: I Know What's Right For Israel (011513)

Benjamin Netanyahu Fights Surge From Rightwing Opponent Before Poll (010513)
Indian Jews From 'Lost Tribe' Move To Israel (122412)

A Coming Peace Accord Via Jordanian/Palestinian Confederation? (122712)

Egypt Arming For Attack On Israel? (121512)

Israel Grows Jittery Of A New Palestinian Uprising (120912)

Hamas Leader Vows Never To Recognize Israel (120812)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: If Iran Tries To Attack, Israel Has Thirteen Minutes To Target Its Missles Before They Get Off The Ground (120912)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran Aims Biological Weapons At Israel (120912)

Why Did So Few Stand With Israel At UN Vote On Palestine? (120912)

Root Of Conflict Is Not Settlements, But Israel's Very Existence, Netanyahu Says (120912)

Hezbollah: Israel Would Be Hit With Thousands Of Rockets In Future War (112512)

Missle Wars - Israel's Race Against Time (112712)

Should Christians Support The Creation Of A Sovereign Palestinian State? (120112)

What The Ceasefire Really Means (112212)

Obama's Pledge Of U.S. Troops To Sinai Next Week Won Israel's Nod For Ceasefire (112312)

What A Truce Will Bring To Israel: Tied Hands, Hamas Unbowed (112012)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Nuclear Iran Seeks Apocalyptic Holy Man (111812)
Here's How Israel Thinks It Could Attack Iran Without Setting Off WWIII (110512)
Abbas Confirms Palestinian UN Bid For November 29 (111312)
Hamas To Target Tel Aviv, Assasinate Israeli Figures? (111812)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia's Defense Spending Surges As U.S. Cuts (111112)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Why Israel Hasn't Struck Iran -Yet (110212)
Claim: Obama To Target Netanyahu In 2nd Term (111112)
Inside Israel's Nuclear War Games (111112)
Israel - Preparing For The Unexpected (110112)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Putin Flexes Muscle In Big Test Of Russia's Nuclear Arsenal (102012)
Israel Rattled By Rise In Anti-Semetic Rhetoric From Egypt (102612)
Israel Used Sudan Bombing As Dry Run For Attack On Iran (102912)
Hezbollah's Latest Musle-Flexing Shows It Is Under Duress And Looking For A Fight (110412)
First Pro-Israel Arab Party To Run In Israel Elections (103012)
Destroy-Israel Conference Comes To Illinois (101612)
The Silent War: Israel Blows Up Iranan Weapons Factory In Sudan (102412)
Hezbollah Threatens To Invade Israel's Galilee, And Offers Interactive Infographic On How It Plans To Do It (100212)
Syria Islamists: 'Next Stop Israel' (092712)
Azerbaijan Eyes Aiding Israel Against Iran (093012)
How Syria Might Unleash War Between Israel And Iran (091212)
Diplomacy: Iran For Dummies (090712)
'Next 50 Days Most Feearful Since Yom Kippur War' (090712)
Israeli EMP Attack Could Throw Iran 'Back To Stone Age' (090912)
Hezbollah Aiming 60-70 Thousand Rockets At Israel (091012)
Hizballah, Israel Close To Clash And Chemical Threat Is Back (090812)
Israel Jewish Population Set To Pass 6 Million (091112)

Companion website: "Separation of Church and State Law Blog" (left click to go directly to blog) - this website has many articles and audio teachings concerning the issue of separation of church and state.